Saturday, March 29, 2008

| 2000 HOW - 2008 Heart of Worship

Last Thursday, the Catalyst CG celebrated our very own, 24 year old, lover of all things cute and furry, fetal-positioned, mike-munching, bon jovi singing, giant with a heart of gold; Ng Zhen Xin's Burfday!

forgot to mention thumb-sucking

We had a short bible study about Easter and the passover. It was so short that it was, in fact, our shortest bible study EVER with a record time of SHORT. Yea~

black forest cake - RM29

Then we headed to US Pizza, the worst but most convenient place to celebrate burfdays and other stuffs like this in Bukit Beruang. Order a set meal for 8 which luckily is the same number of people we had; J.Sen, K.Lee, A.Chan, K.Lyn, ZX, Jo, and myself.. Mike eats the portion of 3 people so yea, just nice.

attempting to cut cake - RM32

We ate two mediocre pizzas that's definitely not worth the price but we paid anyway because we're voters and we have rights Christians. It was a pretty lively experience and stuff. Somehow or rather our burfday surprise for ZX didn't really work out. Wonder why... hmmm~

horribly maiming the cake - RM38

being forced to eat THAT - RM42

K.Lyn brought S.Dee's PSP along and everyone was so amazed and intrigued by the wonders of such a small but yet entertaining devices. One game that all of us played and was kept amused for a good period of time looked like a game for retards and we enjoyed playing it too. Everyone was laughing away happily like *imagine* ZX in fetal-position, petting a teddy bear smiling away *imagine* that. Fun. Scary, but fun.

holding a PSP - RM45

buying a psp - RM60

Despite all the fun we had and that (hopefully) ZX had, in the end, the one who really made ZX's day is none other than a special someone..

having her by one's side







Going for weekly committee meeting and prayer meeting, hearing all the funny stuff and nonsense about Louis..


I'm still not fully recovered from the flu and sore throat. The tongue ulcer is still there but it's getting better. Thankfully, there were good worshipers during practice and the practice went very much better than I honestly expected.

Good nite peeps~

p.s. remember the sons of Korah

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