Wednesday, March 05, 2008

| it is... ALIVE?

I know, I know. I haven't updated in like, a week plus and yea, I know that's rare of me. I'm sorry guys..


I have a good reason!! >.<

Wow ate my life time!! Look at *points finger at Stef, Julian, Wayne, Koh Pin, Sylvester, Tim and Styne*! I.. I.. like hold 22nd of February a special place in my heart. heh~

haven't eaten this for more than a week too!

My new wife (who's yet to be named), debuted last Sunday in church and I must say having a single-coil for a bridge pick-up takes time getting used to. It's like, every stroke I make or every string a pluck could be easily heard vibrating with the twang of Tex-Mex single-coils through the amp.. and I like it. The best part is that-

it matches with Ai Ai's bass and the church drums!

Gotta love it.

Went to David's house on Sunday night for a BBQ party that they held. David and Lian Chui has been a great blessing to us just like Joshua in the past and we figured that we would show our appreciation by turning up for the BBQ party and eat their well-spent food. It was nice - real nice. One of the better BBQ parties I've been to. It was truly a great time of fellowship.

rekindling the childhood experiences

I honestly have to say that I'm really slacking and I mean reaaaaally slacking these days BUT it ends tonight. From now on, no more slacking (till I reach lvl 70 and get a few epics). I promise! Pulling up my pants and jacket because..

And as an apology to you guys who are bored and in need of a good blog-reading material, I'll teach ya a secret skill of cat folding. Yeap, you heard me. Cat folding.

Nites peeps~

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