Tuesday, June 26, 2007

| darth ma-lak

There's a new craze amongst the sadistic, sadomasochistic very nice CF'ers. Actually, it's not new. The proper word should be, 'rediscovered'. So yea, there's a rediscovered craze and its name is ma-lak, translated as 'numbingly spicy'. Well.. it's not a craze actually. It's just a passing motion thingie, just like the Beatles, the Godfather, table tennis and Jon Bon Jovi. But it's sure fun to watch!

they didn't suffer as badly as justin tho..

Maybe the world isn't as small as I once thought it was.. or maybe I'm just narrow minded. But seriously, I thought that EVERYONE in The Great City Of Malacca would've at least eaten at Wilson's Chicken Rice at least once. Guess there's something new everyday after all *stares over the horizon*.

one bird of goodness and a whole lotta deep-fried intestines

there's always something to say about these two

My baby is finally here. Touched down in Malacca Sentral at 9.45pm, I held it in my arms and learned that she's a baby with one serious weight issues. Thanks to VJ, her trip from KL to Malacca is a smooth one. He gets two free Starbucks for his efforts. *applause*

i christen her, Bravo.. Johnny Bravo

Yea right. She's too cool for sucha name. To call her Johnny Bravo would be degrading her hybrid coolness and hotness. Taking into account her, slick body with a large number of buttons and knobs, I finally found the perfect name for her.

thus, i christen her, Jr.. Andrew Jr

Now tremble in fear before her array of sounds from all BOSS pedals and COSM Amps!! Bow before her stainless steel mighty toughness and- give me RM10 to cover the cost to bring her into my world. *sob* *sob* There goes 1k of my life savings.

read name

Despite the down pour, I went to find dad earlier this evening. He called me over to check out the new phone that after a gazilion of thought that I'm planning to buy for my birthday. Yeap, I've finally settled on the phone that I want and the pattern seem all to Andrew-ish alright. From N73ME to N70 to W810i. If you don't see the pattern, then here, let me show you in another light. RM1700 to RM 1000 to RM840. Yea, that's my pattern.

nothing like a good hot latte'
in a cold rainy day
and it rhymes

Was planning to post a spoof I made out of Optimus Prime but I guess I'll hold it off till this Friday. hehe~

Nite peeps~

p.s. Happy Birthday bro~

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