Wednesday, October 26, 2005

| trapped in complete fear

I made a decision that somewhat might piss my father; I asked for a day off next Tuesday aka Deepavali, meaning no triple pay for me. Okay, maybe he will not be piss. Heck, he might not even care. Still, I'm guessing that he'd be disappointed. bleh~ In the end, I know that having a day off on that over-rated-all-important triple pay day is very well worth it.

So last Thursday I got my hands on fear. But due to massive boredom and need-to-fill time after work disorder, I finished F.E.A.R. yesterday evening (yay~?) and I've really got to say, should any rich-arse producer would make any of those game-to-movie kind of shows, they should make F.E.A.R. a movie. The storyline is rich with action and serious horror and I believe that this game has truly out done Half-Life 2 in many ways.

Okay, so I'm used to watching horror flicks and all and how the horror theme is done through the eyes of the camera. This game however managed to pull off that horror/creepy atmosphere solely through first-person view. Imagine walking to ladder facing downwards, you click on the keyboard button to climb the ladder and as you go down the ladder, while your body turns and faces the opposite direction, you see little Alma looking down at you and suddenly disappears. One word - cool. If GerX freaked out playing DOOM3, it'll be very wise for her to stay away from this game. Seriously. Too bad she's in Korea now, enjoying her holiday like how she should. Lucky girl.

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NoShitSaint said...

If that's the case, I wonder how your...GerX would feel skulking about a certain orphanage/asylum in Thief III.


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