Wednesday, December 21, 2005

| no sweets - for the naughty kids

Christmas is in the air. Sorry. I mean the Christmas spirit is in the air. And it isn't as cheerful nor exciting as it was before. Guess it's only natural that as you get older, the lesser the 'excitement'. Remember back when we were just kids? How our parents would sneak out late at night when we were dead sounds asleep to put those small gifts of chocolate and candy into our Christmas socks. Waking up the next day never seem as fun as the other usual days. How much have we forgotten.

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the clouds will always be rolling rolling rolling

Melaka is expanding in an increasing pace. Even our traffic is mimicking the great busy K.L. roads. The roads, changes a lot too. In the past, you can turn here to get there but now, you have to turn here, turn there, stop for 5 seconds and then turn again to get there. One of the latest changes in the roads of Melaka is the one where normally you can turn into Jaya Jusco if you're coming from Bukit Beruang without having use the main road. But the dudes there thought it would be a splendid idea to block it and allow cars to go out, not come in. Got fooled by it twice already. bleh~

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hmmm.. looks like a familiar road in kl doesnt it?

Just like the roads of Melaka, the spirit of Christmas.. more like, the idea of Christmas is ever changing too. I remember back once they change those advertising signs from the usual Christmas to X'mas. There was a huge debacle over it. On one side, they say that it's really wrong to cut the name Christ out of Christmas. The other said that 'X' is a symbol of Christ in Hebrew (i think). For me, I'm more of the conservative type of people so I'll definitely prefer the former - just like how I would like my pizzas.

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the 3 of us ate a 6 person meal before

Yea, I'm more conservative than many of you think. Sure, I crack up corny jokes and I talk a lot of crap, but I'm sure very conservative when it comes to many issues. I have my stand on certain stuff like keeping myself a virgin for my future-wife and I don't mind facing those laughs and jeers of my friends. To me, everything comes with a price - I'll pay for it. Easier said than done right? ahaks~ patience.. patience..

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now no one will wanna sleep on my bed

Still.. wassup with Christmas? How do we make it cooler? Maybe, instead of greeting our friends with the tongue-sticking-out WAZZZUP!!, we can use the alternate tongue-sticking-out SHALLLOMM!! (Deric told me that joke - blame him). ahaks~ Truth be told, Christmas' TRUE meaning is already as cool as it can get. If anything would get me into the 'Christmas spirit', the true meaning of Christmas will.

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wonder how EP looks like a scene from CSI:Miami

I guess the thing that really kick-start the Christmas in me, was today's or yesterday, depending on when you read this, CF Christmas Party. Picture your ordinary CF meeting. Done? Hold that picture still. Now add gifts and presents into the picture. Hmmm~ Something's still missing eh? Here comes the fun part, add tons and tons of food ranging from Curry Puffs to Grand Berry Cheese Cakes (nicely made by Mark). Not good enough? Throw in 2 huge roasted turkeys. It's been more than 2 years since I last had turkey and damn does it taste good. Gotta love it.

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the twins strike again

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