Saturday, December 31, 2005

| so long to christmas

Yer.. Christmas is over already. So sad.. So much for 12 days of Christmas huh? Oh well, at least it's been more of a meaningful Christmas than a fun one.. Well, actually it's fun too larr. Basically, I got what I wanted for Christmas - a nice quiet Christmas with people close to my heart. Yup, more of meaningful with a hint of fun.

But it's kinda sad that Christmas is gonna be over soon. Actually, it's already over but lets just pretend that it hasn't. bleh~ Just when I actually, seriously got the Christmas Spirit in me, Christmas is over and all the dong dong chang!! can be heard resounding all over the place. Luckily, those dong dong chang!! ain't that bad you know. Getting those Red Packets filled with money IS a good thing. No doubt about that. As malays would say, "Jika ada rezeki, jangan ditolak," (when there's opportunity, don't say no to it).

Well, so much for that eh? Wishing you all the last wish of Christmas for the year. Chaoz peeps~!

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