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The Lord works from the inside out. The
world works from the outside in. The world
would take people out of the slums. Christ
takes the slum out of people, and then they
take themselves out of the slums. The world
would mold men by changing their environment.
Christ changes men, who then change their
environment. The world would shape human
behavior, but Christ can change human nature.
~Ezra Taft Benson~

The next few weeks gonna be fun. Lots of activities are up and running. Worst of all, the mid terms are knocking at the doors of every MMU student. We CF'ers have other things in mind though. After being inspired by works of Robert Frost, we're gonna walk the road not taken. The previous sentence proves that I can STILL remember my Form 5 literature. Not bad eh?

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About that particular road that's not taken.. I think. Though mid terms drawing ever near and all.. Though we're all busy with the upcoming HUGE Camp.. Though NOC4 is bugging every cell of our brain.. We, MMUCF'ers, aregonnawatchChroniclesOfNarnia!! Yay!! As great and exciting as it sounds, I can't go with them. Reason being that I have a mid term paper on the same day and time. That sucks huh? As if it being the same day isn't bad enough, it's on the same time. I sense a conspiracy going on. Hmmm.. Its not a problem I guess. After all, I can always watch later with GerX or something. So for the whole semester, these are the activities that are going on in my life; FYP project, Malaysian Studies project, Business Management assignments, HUGE Camp work, NOC4 music practice, and an assortments of tutorials and minor assignments. Great larr. Exactly what I need - more work. ahaks~

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As excited as I sound, I'm actually quite the opposite. I just received an sms from my ex-classmate back in High School. It seems my friend's mother lost her battle with cancer. So this next few lines are gonna be about a friend of mine and the adventures we had.

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..from a stupid moron..

Lakshman Raj. I've known him since primary school. Though we weren't so close back then, I knew him as a schoolmate and we hung out sometimes. When we entered secondary school, now that's when the fun began. From scouts to regular insane stunts, we did it as group of friends and I had the time of my life. Form 4 and 5 were the craziest of all times. From bike racing to skipping school or 'panjat tembok' as we call it. Heck, we didn't even need to climb our school walls, we just walk right out the main gate. ahaks~ From fights right after school to chasing people behind 'Payung'. From stalking people at night to those free drinks at PURE. Times when friends are indeed friends. When one is in trouble, everyone will be there. In fact, once when Raj met an accident before school started, more than half of the class didn't go to school that day. We located him, gave him a ride while we repaired his bike. Sure those times were the really dark chapters of my sinful life but nonetheless, when I look back and reminisce, I knew I had fun and I didn't regret them at all - I grew alot from them.

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Raj came from a broken home. His mom separated from his father because his father's mom is racist against her as a Chinese. Actually, there's more to that then the skin colour but I don't think it really matters. What matters is that I never thought he had a complete family once upon a time, till one day I stumbled upon a picture on his drawer, a complete family portrait - a happy family. After the separation, his mom went to UK to work. She would come back to Melaka once in a while and cook for all of us. She was a very nice lady. Though we never thought of her a mother, she treated us all like a son. More than half a year ago, Raj told us his mom was diagnosed with cancer and he's going to live in UK to take care of her. We haven't seen him since then. Just moments ago, WeeD smsed me telling me the dreaded news and I almost lost the mood to write this post. Raj, your mom was a great mom. We Konn Manns are here for you dude, JackAss for life.


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