Saturday, December 10, 2005

| story of the streamyx : the beginning

I remember there was once upon a time.. A young chap rang my door bell in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon. "Hi", he said. "Are you interested in having broadband services?". Ahhh.. yes~ Broadband. Those magic words rang in all our ears. After hearing the news that our taman is finally able to have a Streamyx connection, the house was in the celebration mood. We eagerly filled in the forms and set the appointment dates, counting down every single day.

Alas, the day had come. Smiling from ear to ear, we greeted the fellow technician that's standing in front the outer gates. We even gave him a cup of cola as he set up his equipment. But something was amiss. There was no response from him even after 10 minutes of playing with the main phoneline. We were anxious and worried, like soon-to-be parents. "Hmm.. wait arrr, I call my superior". Oh no~ Is there something wrong? Did we forget to pay the bill? I've already dispose of those bodies. Our thoughts we filled with worries and it got worse when he said 'problem' over the phone. "Umm.. is there a problem ah?", my dad asked. "I don't know how to tell you this but.. your baby didn't make it." "What?". "*cough*, I mean arrr, yorr fone-lyne bo signal".

*crashing sound*

Despair and sadness filled our hearts as our world tumbled into a void of darkness. Devastated.. Utterly devastated. "Sowee for yor loss". We looked to him with blank eyes. "Ehh.. can I go now arr?". Our mind were shouting foul and filth but mouths just couldn't bring it out - we could only think of one thing.. "*nervous* Ermm.. excuse me arrr, can yu plees oben de gate? *swallow*". In our minds, his words are like drops of water in the middle of the ocean, crushed by the might waves. "Wha-? NOOooooooooooo... *silence*". We took whatever juicy parts of him that we can and disposed the rest.

a year later..

It was like any other day. The horrific incident that we went through last year has been well put aside in our hearts. But wait, what is this? A streamyx banner? I couldn't read well but I think it says something like 'YOUR TAMAN GOT STREAMYX LIAO! FASTER APPLY!'. Though I was still skeptical about this so-called informative banner, I told my family about it. We called up the tmNet centre the reply we got was, "yes sir, I've checked our computers and it says your area has streamyx". The void of the 'Last Year Incident' were filled with this tiny ray of hope that came from a sweet lady. But I guess, luck, was never on our side..

to be continued...

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Longshot Boy said...

FUCK TMnet and stream-my-ass.

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