Sunday, December 18, 2005

| story of the streamyx : the end


A word of advice: never trust a computer. Seriously. I mean, just look at at psycho A.I. SkyNet. We gave it our trust handed the safety of our family and our nation to it and what did it do? Attack puny humans and send Terminators back in time. *sigh* Things like these just gives us bad experiences.. just like the first time you had constipation. "yes sir, I've checked our computers and it says your area has streamyx". Note the "our computers". There's something evil going on I tell ya.

But back then we were still uncertain if it would work or not. As skeptical as we may be, there was a shimmer of hope left in us. 5 days after re-registering, the technician came to test out our connection. We held our breath in anticipation. After 10 minutes, the man was still working on the same line. A sudden de-ja-vu flashed in our minds. We knew the out come of it even before the man was finish. Not wanting to waste time, I went to the kitchen to sharpen my cleaver. True enough, there was no broadband line - and I had to bury another corpse.

2 years later

Dad came home one day all excited saying that our taman has broadband. As convincing as he sounded, we didn't believe him. After having gone through all those years of physical and emotional torture, we knew better than to trust those words. We demanded proof of our father's claim. He said that another family in our row of houses has already installed streamyx and is using it. "Nah~ It can't be real~" we told ourselves. Dad said we would dig deeper into this and tried not to increase the body-count.

Just days after dad's broadband claim, a man called the house saying that our taman has streamyx. Being the nice person I am, I resisted the urge to curse and swear before slamming down the phone. We discussed and set the date where he will come to.. well, 'install' streamyx. I sharpened my cleaver in preparation of that day to come. Bro helped too. That day came sooner than expected and we were very excited about who's gonna get buried later. A wira parked in front of our house and a young man came out from the car. He introduced himself as a technician for streamyx and went on to check our line. I stood behind him with my cleaver ready to swing his head off his body. 5 minutes went on and he stood up and said, "All done~". "All done? What do you mean all done?", I asked almost revealing the cleaver hidden behind my back. Puzzled by our question he replied, "Well, done as in, you can use streamyx now. You have broadband~"

We couldn't believe our ears. Is it true that the day of broadband in the house of Liu has finally come? It must be a dream! It's definitely a scam! I should just chop him up into pieces and give his left-overs to the dogs. We tested the raw power of broadband, opened up a blank webpage and typed in and in an instant the whole page appeared before us. It is true. We finally have broadband in our home.. and I'm getting too emotional. Finally, we can do the things we've always wanted to do.

But after having this 'gift', I realize that nothing much has change. I still dunno what to do. All the anticipation that accumulated out of all those years, boiled down to this? Disappointing indeed. We have streamyx and we dunno what to do with it. So much for the hype. This sucks~

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we downloaded the Cable Guy and realized
how Mark looks really like him too

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remember that kids.

there's no such thing as free cable.

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