Monday, January 23, 2006

| *breathes......* *sigh~*

Intensive Week's over. Well, actually it was over last Saturday and I'm only posting now. It's been one hellofva hectic week but nonetheless, it's fun - on my side at least. Having less than 4 hours of sleep every night since last Sunday was a real killer, screwing up my already screwed up biological clock. It's actually kinda scary. There was a time when my ears were so sensitive to the sound that even the sound of my brother's phone message ringing at his room would wake me up. No kidding. Somehow, those days seemed long gone at my age now. I have trouble getting up to the sound of the alarm and because of that, I've missed a few important devotions. *sigh~* I've tried placing the alarm under my bed, just in case I sub-consciously turn it off and it somehowed worked. So I guess it's just the matter of determination. yay....

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the difference between chinese tea and herbal tea?

There were many bumps, ups and downs throughout the whole Intensive Week. Hidden frictions here and there between the many cliques in the CF, some minor while others can lead to huge conspiracies. With that, I'll stop right here on the conspiracy part (they're watching me...) but thankfully, nothing big happened. The only shouting and screaming only came from the directors and of course the main cast i.e. Sean, Cris, and Violet.

But watching from behind the scenes gave me new light and understand to people's.. uh.. understanding. I've watched how people bear with other's nuisance for the sake of friendship and how people reprimand while minimizing the hurt. How people put up mask so that the other will not get hurt. While it's easy call them two-faced or hypocrites, we never did put ourselves in their shoes. How they treasure their relationships with their friends more than their feelings. To put others ahead of me.. now that's a good thing eh?

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whooper telling double cheese he sux without hurting his feelings

Another thing I learnt is that God has His ways of showing us the path. Many of you know the saying, "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path," it's easy to grasp but in reality, it's actually quite hard to follow. After all, one may never know how God 'lights our path' but one thing that we do know, is that He does light our path. We only have to see it, that's all. To follow His will and ways is a delight to my soul.

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i wish my path was as clear as this

I'm all drained out from the Intensive Week, we all are. But because of that tired weary feeling, the only place we can rest our heads upon are each others shoulders. Remember peeps, we are more than we are, we are one.

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think - blue skies~ blue skies~

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