Monday, January 23, 2006

| lovely monday, rain is shining - yup.. rain

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coffee coffee coffee

Bid farewell to fellow CF'ers and Blessed Chinese New Year. It will be two weeks till I'll see them again. This is a short holiday indeed.

it.. hard~

So after having a goodnight's rest, I woke up today around the afternoon feeling great and refreshed all over! Well.. that's a lie. I woke up feeling so stoned that people would accidentally trip over me. ahaks~ Guess that's the holiday spirit in me making up for the lack of sleep throughout the whole of last week.

cause that's juz who i am this week

Fast-forward till 10 minutes ago. It was like every other night. I was in my room, dad and mom relaxing in theirs and bro.. I'll come back to him. Anyway, I was doing the usual; playing Civilization IV while chatting on Yahoo and MSN with my webcam on (bad mistake~), the night was young and vibrant. Suddenly the silent night was shattered by the sound of glass.. uhh.. shattering.

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I rushed out of the room only to find shattered pieces of glass and some kind of gooey red liquid all over the living room. "Is it blood? Why isn't brother moving? What's going on?! Don't die Abby brother!!" panic ensued and the house was in chaos. But in the midst of the chaos..

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some dude with his 2 megapix camera-phone
managed to take a few shots

He looks so innocently cute with that fork in his mouth. What a moron..

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serene_rogue said...

Hey haha...i'm back...after such a long time...that i've forgotten how to do stuff...can u add me to ur friends list thanks...i've kinda forgoten how to add people oso haha...take care

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