Friday, January 27, 2006

| post intensive week syndrome

It's almos a week after Intensive Week but rest was far from me. It's been a week of tired-but-fun activities I guess. Okay, so the tired part was all my fault~ Sleeping late is a habit for me you know. ahaks~

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wild on the road

So I'm a part of NOC4 band and NOC is a huge production. But after hearing the recording we made, I finally came to one conclusion..

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brightest places seems so dark (and scary)


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going up to your room seems worse

Well, maybe not THAT bad larr but the mistakes are obvious. I bet the rest of my bandmates listenining to the recording would say the same too.

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the room is sucking you in

With such conclusion, there can only be one solution..
1) Practice more
2) Pray harder

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red ball (Mr Wilson) = your only friend

Okay~ So there are two solutions but both are equally important right?
God help us all. Chaoz peeps~

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donut for thought?


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