Thursday, January 12, 2006

| wen wan kofee aint enuff

*sugar we're going down plays on mp3*

First two papers are down, down in an earlier round. Yay~? Well, normally I wouldn't be bothered to write about them but I really really gotta say this. After studying so long and hard for the structure side of Telecommunication System paper, the blardy lecturer gave so little question for structure. Not only that she made the objectives SUPER hard! (note the emphasis on 'SUPER'). What of Malaysian Studies? Who cares about Malaysian Studies?! Hope I'll pass, if not very 'sia sui' mann. ahaks~

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this shows that one cup ain't enough

Studying never seemed so hectic, especially this semester. The normal me wouldn't be so uptight during exams but this.. this is different. For some reason, it seems I've screwed up my this semester. Yea~ Guess playing games through Bluetooth with my course mates isn't such a good idea after all. ahaks~ I don't like my Telecommunication System lecturer and Business Management lecturer is just a prick and when I say prick, I really mean it. He rushed through the whole thing just so that he can resign early and leave everything behind. Heck, we didn't even know our coursework grades till like.. uh.. yesterday? And Malaysian Studies? You get the picture.

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two cups aint helping much either

Only one paper left.. Can't wait till all this mess is over. *sigh~*

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