Monday, April 10, 2006

| fine line between procrastination and busy

You know, my life isn't so busy - really, it isn't. But sometimes, I wonder why I feel I'm so busy. Between my ger, studying, cf, the band, church, and friends. It seems like my time is being eaten up somehow. It makes me do one of those cliche' wishes you know, "I wish I had more time.. bla bla bla..". *sigh* I feel pathetic... Did I just call myself pathetic? Grrr..

Last friday I just took the last of my midterm papers. Whoop-pee-do Andrew, now all you gotta do is complete those 4 projects and that 1 fyp project that will determine you future. Oh ya, don't forget to call all those companies and update with them unless you wanna fail your Industrial Training.

I hate to rant. I really, honestly hate to rant. As much as it seems like I'm really enjoying myself. I really don't like to rant. I makes me look pathetic... I just called myself pathetic again. Grrr..

Ahhh!! I want more than 24 hours in a day! I want like say, 36 or even 40 for that matter. Then I can get that average 12 hours of sleep that I've always dreamt of in my 6 hours of sleep. Yea, all ye fyp and final year students, just imagine having 40 golden hours a day. 12 hours of sleep, 3 hours of makaning (excluding supper), 8 hours of study, 5 hours of doing projects/assignments/tutorials, 3 hours nap, 1 hour bathing time, 4 hours of sport and 4 hours of gaming.
Sweet huh? Well, keep dreaming guys, I know I am. ahaks~

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