Thursday, April 13, 2006

| living life without limbs

I complain every time I try to find food on Tuesday afternoons. Or was it Thursdays? I dunno. But it seems on either one of these days, all the shops would close in the noon. Imagine walking all the way to Medan Selera only to find that the lower stalls aren't open. Then walking up to Wilson Chicken Rice only to find that they're having mah jong sessions on that day. I wanna eat my fried chicken dammit!

It's no easy feat to walk all the way there and back, sweating under the scorching hot sun. All for the taste of that bloody over-rated fried chicken that puts some kinda drug that keeps you going there under the scorching hot sun on most of the afternoons. They're stupid - I'm dumb. Real dumb.

Nick Vujicic. Born without any limbs but an under-developed foot with 2 toes. 23 years old and a darn cute guy. Almost cuter than me.. almost. Having such a huge physical disability a normal person would probably breakdown and die, but he, he lives on and smiles. Heck, I bet he smiles even more than me (and gets hugged by girls more than me *sad*). The fact that he's a motivational speaker speaks a lot more. From his talk earlier today, I've really learnt what it means to be suffering, what it means to be helpless, and what it means to be grateful. Yeah... grateful~

I'm grateful that the bloody over-rated fried chicken stall opens near MMU. I'm glad that there's a (not-so-nice) Wilson Chicken Rice in Bukit Beruang. I'm glad the char siew fan downwards Petronas has that sweet syrup for a sauce that I like so much. I'm grateful of having these scars in and on my body that made me stronger and wiser (and occasionally stupid). I'm grateful for having a brother that I love/hate so much, a father who's there for me and a mother who works hard for me. I'm grateful for having a great gal by my side(no one's perfect - i'm definitely not). Above all, I'm grateful I have God.

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auseniale said...

i cant believe i've to miss it cos of an exams, especially felt i shoud have gone when i read the "damn cute guy" part..hehe..just kidding. i think..i am beginning to be thankful too... :) cant wait for the next thing to be thankful about..

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