Tuesday, April 18, 2006

| i wish i were a superhero

As Deric said how he wish he was Superman, here I am to say the exact same thing to you too. I wish I am Superman. There, done. Sure I did rant about needing more time and all but, as we all know, that is quite the impossible. Excuse my English.

So, if you can't have more time, why not be someone who has more time - be Superman! Damn, I'm smart. Unfortunately, I don't really like his costume. Tried it out before and fits me perfectly but.. there's something missing. Can't feel the mojo flowing. Yea, something like that. As we all know, to be Superman is also quite the impossible. Excuse my English.

Sure, I managed to attain a level of Super-Heroism (WontdieonE), but frankly speaking, that's all I'm good at. I can't fly, I'm slower than a speeding bullet and I do get hurt. Heck, even Batman is better than me. He knows martial arts and when that fails, he has loads of tools to help get is butt out of trouble - all I have with me are my brains and even that, I sometimes forget to bring along when I'm out to save the world. I'm the worst superhero ever.

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