Tuesday, April 25, 2006

| its hard to be wontdieone

I had a bad day. A very bad day. Actually, I had a good day that ended very badly and I have absolutely no mood to post any shit here. I'm pissed and disappointed. I guess some people just don't realize that the person being the punching bag here is me. They hit me in the face and say they don't have anymore energy. I'm speechless.. Fortunately, I wrote this post earlier but couldn't publish it due to some blogger.com nonsense.


I have people asking me, "What's the meaning of wontdieone? Heck, how do you pronounce it anyway? wontdion.. wondien.. wondieon? lets just call you wondy" (don't you guys even think of calling me that). So now let me just spell it out to you dudes out there one by one, the name's won't-die-one. Go figure~

People wonder how I came up with that name. First and foremost, it wasn't I who came up with that name. Truthfully, it was my ex-high school buddies who blurted it out one day. I still vividly remember the conversation..

(flashback start)

Weed : Yorr... you had so many accidents lee.. when are you gonna die arr?
Me : Choii~ Touch wood! Touch wood! Where can say like that oneee~ You want me to die arr?
Weed : It's true what?! See the scars on yur hands and body. Who can survive le?
Me : Oii~ Those accidents are people bang me one you know~ And coincidentally all those who crashed into me are all those of the females species.. guess they really have the hots for me..
Weed : Ptui~ Hots yur head larr~ They have a crush.. no, they have a crash on you. hahahaha!
Me : Funny. I don't mind dating them, not getting hit by them.
Weed : Yooo.. So you're saying those chicks are hitting on you larr~
Me : Ya right~ Hit me till I die is it?
Weed : Hahaha~ Don't worry mann, you won't die one larr..
Me : I won't die one?
Weed : Eh~ That sounds good sial~ Won't die one.. won't die one.. hahaha~
Me : .... *bomb*

(flashback end)

So that's how I got the nickname wontdieone. I was so popular back then that I had bunch of stalker-freak papparazzis following me around, waiting to catch those moments when I do my stunt accidents. They were even so kind as to send those pictures to me (great...). Here are some of them.

this is an old one. i was doing a back flip from
the front of my bike to land on the seat. cool huh?

i was running on the dirt tracks behind my house
just before i executed my famous move, The Flying Monkey

getting crashed into by chicks kinda made me pissed.
so this time, i took revenge by crashing into them. muahahahaha~

some ceo of a motor-vehicle safety company witness the crash
i had above and hired me as a 'live' crash test dummy.
good pay i tell ya~

no, i'm not the dude who's arm got run over..
i'm dude who's running him over. ahaks~
kay.. that looks painful..

And after all these accidents, I'm still alive. Amazing eh?


Yea right~ Good nite peeps! WontdieonE, signing off~

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