Friday, April 28, 2006

| im not masochistic in nature.. really~

I got injured again today. No, nothing about my shoulder, back or my leg. Okay, maybe it has a little something to do about my leg. Not leg directly anyway, but actually, it's my foot - my right foot to be exact. Yea~

all the gals go "eewwww~"

Cool huh? It's been awhile since I got an injury like that. It looks like one of my accident-type injury but.. Ho, ho, ho. Foolish people who thinks so are dead wrong. In fact, it has got nothing to do with motor-vehicles. Shocked? Well, my family would be. After all, most of my injuries are from motor-vehicles and they leave a nice, cute lil' scar as a reminder like, "Hey! Remember me? Yea, I was born when that stupid lady crash into you without even giving a signal. I miss you~".

Ooooo... pain...

There, not so bad is it? Actually, it's worst than it looks. I scraped off nearly a millimeter of skin. It is THAT deep. Initially, when I got it wasn't bleeding and I didn't really bother to check it out (more on that later), but after a minute or so, my feet was covered in blood. Even after cleaning the wound, blood would still flow. That kinda sucks~

now follow me, everybody~

Getting that wound though, wasn't the first time for me but the first time wasn't so bad. This one's definitely blog-worthy. ahaks~ So I was partially helping my dad to fix some stuff in the kitchen. My right foot was under a plastic chair and just when I wanted to climb up the chair. *SRAAAATCHHH!!!* Tadaaa~ A nice wound to play around with.

cool waterproof bandage

Mom was kind enough to tend to my wounds. Normally I would do it myself but I guess she kinda miss fixing me up. Back in high school, she got so bored of me getting accidents, when I came home with one, I would just tend to it myself. Anyway, my mom is now equip with new medicine that is quite cool. When applied over an infected wound, it would bubble up indicating there is infection. Say hello to my little friend, H2O2 aka Hydrogen Peroxide and his nasty accomplice, Povidine-Iodine. Well, Povidine-Iodine is actually Iodine minus the Spirit which equals to less pain. Yeap, take this down kids, Iodine - Spirit = less pain. According to my mom, Spirit is the killer that stings - badly.

if you look close enough, you can see the dangling skin..

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've gotten a surface injury that required such treatment. It's been too long, so much so I miss the feeling of pain that I get. The pain is my ally, it helps me know that I am still alive. ahaks~

Good nite peeps~

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