Saturday, April 22, 2006

| procrastinating = bad.. very bad

I'm procrastinating more than my advisable dose of procrastinatable prescriptions.. if there's such a thing as procrastinatable prescriptions. *checking..* Go figure~


So how did all these procrastinating started? Well, I know I am lazy sometimes.. *ahem* sometimes. Still, it would be such a dumb defence if I would to say everyone procrastinates (they do, dammit!). But seriously, it's like every time I manage to persuade myself to get my butt moving, excuses come flooding in. The most prominent factor would be the "i don't know how to do worr" factor. Not knowing how to do a certain task can really boost up my laziness to the point where I'll just put my heavy arse back down again.

broken chopsticks and chapped lips and things like chemistry

Cause I think way too much. I'm thinking of over thinking. I get that a lot. Especially when I walk to my examination and the toilet sign is right in front of the Exam Hall. Makes you think how shitty those papers are doesn't it?

exam venue = toilet.. shit~

Note : If you feel this post doesn't make anymore (or any) sense, it's because I'm really really tired.. lack of sleep.. brain freezing.. freezin.. freez...

Kay.. Back to procrastinating. One of the fews things I do while I procrastinate is sleeping. Feel lazy to do anything? Sleep. Too bored? Sleep. Not bored? Sleep~ Sleeping is the answer to all your question. So much so, people do their yoga meditation while sleeping in hopes to gain an epiphany. Another place I go to gain an epiphany is my throne aka toilet.

Malaysian Censorship : censored private areas

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