Friday, October 20, 2006

| another short one

It's been a really crazy holiday for me.

Last Thursday, right after the exams I went to KL with a bunch of GerX's friends. Get to know most of them and the Emina people. Later we went to Bukit Tinggi to chill and feel. It was quite okay I guess but I feel that Bukit Tinggi is a place where families should go to for the holidays, not a bunch of uni students. Makes me feel old. *sad*

Came back last Saturday night feeling exhausted but I know that the word 'rest' isn't gonna come easy, after all, Melaka Camp is the following Monday and I have a some house cleaning to do. So yea, Sunday, woke up late in the afternoon feeling extremely tired, cleaned up the house and the compound, did the laundry, packed my stuff, cooked meals for the homeless children in my taman.. okay, the last one was a joke. I wouldn't wanna kill anybody would I? heh~

Then finally the bunch of CFers (mostly Alphas and Betas) grouped together at EP chillin' and waitin' for the bus to arrive. The camp is 4 days long from Monday to Thursday. Upon reaching EP, I could see the CFers as lively as ever. Chilling, talking, *koff* coupling, poking fun at Joel and Rachel, the usual. ahaks~ The Alphas (and Betas) did a great job with the camp. Games were fun and sessions were a blessing. Though I was quite drained at the camp, I'm glad that I was able to serve and worship my God. Aside from the very shocking incident and lack of sleep, no tragedy befall on us. Thank God for that. I hope the CFers were blessed in the camp.

Well, this is just another short post I guess. I'll post up a more pictureful post when I get my hands on the Melaka Camp photos. Till then, hope all of you will maintain the Heart Of Worship. Later peeps~

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