Thursday, October 26, 2006

| gone for another week of holiday

I think I mentioned earlier this month that this is gonna be one crazy holiday. Well, looks like I'm off for another week. Off to Stinkapore Singapore for a week. Gone on the 26th (today) and will be back, hopefully *koff*, on the 31st (not today!). So there you have it, one week of peace in the blogsphere. Hopefully I'm able to recharge myself and regain some of my creative mojo while I'm there. I'm in Disc 3 of FFVIII. Not bad playing it in 4 days.

So now to cover what happened in Melaka Camp, among other things. I bet most of the poeple who went to KK are just DYING to find out.. please?

No 1.

louis becomes a pokemon! *gasp~!*

Jinggles, Jiggles, Jing- whatever bestowed upon Louis such honorable title. Yeap, he's a group leader, MY group leader for this year's Melaka Camp. Not a bad job to I must say. Okay okay, before I begin stray off topic again. In total I think we have around 45 people who attended this year's Melaka Camp. Some 20 CFers were in KK while the rest were.. I dunno, MIA.

the bus is half empty! -.-"

Well, I don't have any pictures of Melaka Camp because I'm just too lazy because the camp was so adrenaline-pumpin (louder!) that I didn't have time to whip out my camera and take a shot, at anything! But in the essence of it all, the few 'old' people who were there are *beep* *beep* *beep* and *beep*. Oh yea, I think *beep* came too. I still treasure my life.

btw, jiggles belongs to the law now

Kudos to the Alphas and Betas who were running the camp under the advisory of ZX aka Sius, Leader Man and The Law. Games were great and fun, shoutouts to Elvi and Elys for their effort in planning. Angel and mortal was phuuuun~ My angel was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little.. uh, thing that graced the earth. Food was good. The finalle was different and fun. Nobody died in camp and no one got pregnant.. not to my knowledge at least. heh~ But in all seriousness, spiritually, I believe many people were touched, recharged and ready to face another semester full of *beep* *beep* and *beep*.

important landmark to go to Joel's place

In other news, Joel and his family has already shifted to Melaka. So now they're officially *drumroll* ....... Melakans!! Welcome to the family, we're glad that you have come to share your lives with us, as we grow in love and.. *koff koff* So yea, on Saturday they needed help to shift their furniture and stuff from Muar to Melaka and when you need help, whocha gonna call? GHOST.BUS- I mean, C.F.ers!

"aiyoooo~ heavy leh!"

"go! go! im standing right here, go!"

So much for help eh? ahaks~

Just kidding. They all did a fine job so much so that Uncle and Aunty Lim belanja'ed them makan at Un Loi's Bakuteh/Beef. *salivate* Too bad I couldn't come. Despite my father's blessings to go, he was gonna be alone at home. Naturally, I couldn't let that happen as he's my priority. Oh well, at least my spot was taken by the Tiun sisters. Never work but get to eat, lucky gals! ahaks~

gonna miss not eating this for a week.. *sad*

Oh well, good bye Melaka for a week. 'Don't miss me too much ya? A little bit can already.' heh~ That was what Melody said to me before she left. See ya on the 31st with loads of pictures! Good nite peeps~

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