Thursday, October 05, 2006

| a tribute to study

I miss studying. *sigh~*

i wonder who did that.. hmmm~

How I miss those days of sitting in the lecture room, and listening attentively to the lecturer who's spouting all those wonderful words of wisdom. *chuckles* Those were the good ol' days. Thinking about brings so.. many wonderful, just wonderful experience and memories. I picture a foggy image of guys and girls, laughing away the day, with happy smiles on their faces and not to forget, the great joy of meeting new friends. *sigh* Those were great days weren't they?

a picture of encouragement.. heh~

Then there were those moments when the word 'test' and 'exam' came and shatter that wonderful image of studying. The image goes up in flame as students with their legs chained are forced to drag around tons and tons of textbooks to and fro the library, hoping to scrap what little of knowledge that's left worth scrapping. In the midst of fire and amber, the lecturers with their whips continue to force the students to do their bidding and their evilll desires. They laugh menacingly, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! THE PAPERS I'VE SET, ARE THE HARDEST, TOUGHEST, MOST DIFFICULT I'VE EVER SET!! THEY SHALL ALL SUFFER!! *pyro flames burst* MUAHAHAHA- *koff koff* -HAHAHA!!".

see! i DO study~

Okay, looks like I'll have to ease up on th caps. Oh well, looks like I won't have to face those evil lecturers any time soon and man, am I enjoying it. ahaks~ I know, I know, it's really fun to make fun of those whose sitting for their exams and stuff knowing really well that one day, I'll be sitting in that same fiery place once more but... while I'm still NOT facing any exams, I think I'll use this opportunity to give you all- yes you, all my blessings and saliva. Yummy~

when it's all over- go eat some oh chien

I miss studying? Hahahahahahahaa~ Good one.

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