Sunday, October 01, 2006

| a thousand words

Yanoe, I have no intention of talking about my past but sometimes I feel that people aren't really ready to know about it. Sorry, I meant I feel that people are NEVER ready to know about my past. And I meant it in a non-emo, jokingly notty way. heh~

was initially got write about fried chicken.. really~

Seriously~ As I was looking through my picture collection (132 folders, 7054 handphone pictures), it struck me that I could get jailed for displaying some of the images. ahaks~ But they're all funny pictures nonetheless. One of the mild-traumatizing ones were the cat-in-the-tyre pictures that some of my CG members have seen before. I have never shown anyone the pig's head- Wait, did I just say pig's head? I meant uh..uh..uh.. *sigh* nevermind, forget what I said. heh~

friends and forgiveness are tied together

But personally, I'll never grow tired of going through them. Aside from some of the *koff* grotesque pictures, others are filled with family, friends, friends, and more viewful events. I dunno about you guys out there and your memories with your friends, like yours, mine is filled with wonderful pictures of my life. You know how all of us have pictures of us posing along with our friends at various locations in various positions and each has a story behind it. If you're smiling after reading that, then you'll know how I feel.

sweet ride

Ahhh~ It's late at night and I'm getting all sentimental. Well, I am a very sentimental guy after all, or at least I feel that I am. A picture is made out of thousands of words. And if put to individual preferences, it would be made out of millions, billions, gajillions of words. My favourite group pic by far is our trip to Gunung Ledang together as KonnManns. I still smile every time I look at those pictures. heh~ Can't wait for our next holiday.

Gunung Ledang, February 2006

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