Monday, October 23, 2006

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Sorry for not updating these past few days. The holiday/slacker spirit's really getting into me. I blame it on FFVIII that I'm playing again. Yea~ Crummy-lovey-dovey-wannabe.

Actually, I wanted to write about my trip with GerX's loyah phrens but.. nah~ Lawyers are boring people. *ouch~*

a must-have for all lawyers, furry balls.. footballs

Hahahaha~ Just kidding, just kidding. No need to sue me over such matters. I'm just running a (very) innocent blog. They're actually, surprisingly nice people. Nerdy, but nice nonetheless. I guess I'm good at mixing with the various crowds that I run across. *kembang* As long as they can hold their cup, it's fine by me.

the federal hotel

good ol' night traffic

Unfortunately, I didn't really take many pictures while at KL because.. well, it's KL. Haven't you not have not seen KL not before?! Dude~ Most of the cliche' pictures that comes out from KL are either traffic at night, or the pictures of sky-scrapers, etc etc. *yawnz~*

cake was nice.. mmmm~ fresh cream

i'm a closet fan of margaritas.. shhhhh~

The nicer part about my stay in KL is the gadget-wonderland Lowyat Plaza and food. Leaning more towards food actually. ahaks~ While I was there, I managed to scout the price of that coveted XFX 7900GS I'm looking forward to get my hands on and update myself with the latest prices of various gadgets and hardware.

hmm.. landscape.. hills.. trees.. yes, landscape

Bukit Tinggi's filled with.. erm, landscape. Yea, nice landscape. Another bunch of cliche' pictures of hills and trees, etc etc. *yawnz~* Remind me to take you guys to Gunung Ledang when we're free ya? I'll show ya hills and trees (and waterfalls).

most of the peeps on this trip were jap-freaks

if you noticed, the above sentenced rhymes.. if you don't.. *sigh*

wanted to go for the spa but its *koff* RM300 per person

buffet's good

But honestly, Bukit Tinggi is more for families to visit - I doubt young people can enjoy chillin' up here. Everything here is double-expensive and when uni students are in the picture, it'z oll about the maney, maney, maney~ Luckily the apartment we're staying in is free. heh~

good stuff.. good stuff..

In my opinion, the best part about my stay at Bukit Tinggi is the buffet lunch I had before leaving on Saturday noon. The food rocks big time. Rack of lambs and sashimi, Sweet stuff dude~ Not to mention the previous night, I sinked me teeth into the biggest pizza I've ever seen - it's sliced up to 20 pieces! w00t~!

French Town entrance

Still, Bukit Tinggi has some cool places to check out like the French Town, the castles and their white/black swans, the rabbit barn/farm/meat-factory, and the Japanese Tea-House/Botanical Garden. I guess those attractions really sounds.. how to put it, old'ish? It'll be a great place to visit after having a wife and 3 kids larr.

note: does not promote having or making kids before marriage or before the age of 20. the writer of this blog will not be held responsible for any.. 'accidents' that might occur to readers. thank you.

Oh well, looks like I'll write about Melaka Camp on Tuesday or Wednesday. Till then, Happy Holidays peeps~

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