Monday, October 09, 2006

| hazy dayz

Melaka's API (Air Pollution Index) rose from 104 on Friday to 137 on Sunday. Now all the friendly folks of Melaka can enjoy great hazy views as if they were living way up on Genting Highland. Wow~ Way to go Indonesia!

WARNING: Due to irritant effects of fine dust particles on the nose,
throat, airways, skin and eyes people would at most experience sneezing,
running nose, eye irritation, dry throat and dry cough. Thank you.

Riding my bike through the thick 'misty' roads has never been a more enjoyable past-time till today. Where else in the world can one enjoy such great fine dust, blowing against your face while making their way deep into the pores of your skin, especially one's face. By the end of the ride, your face will be as smooth as if you've gone through a sand-blasting session. Bonus points to the bacterial infection freebie.


Keep thyself in thy peak of health less thou shalt fall sicketh in thy exameth. By waryful and drinketh plentiful of water to keep thyself hydrated. Have thy meals in constant timeth and skippeth not thy meals. Partaketh thy fruits and plants and boost thy vitamine C. Partaketh more orange.


Oh yea, cut down on making dumb lame jokes and talking to much too, *koff*. To those who are sick, pray that you guy's will regain your health in the shortest of time. To those suffering from ulcers; I hear ya buddy, I hear ya. Makes you wonder what in the world Indonesia's firemen are doing huh?

nowonder.... world!

p.s. picture courtesy of and yea, those guys are yankees *koff*

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