Tuesday, October 03, 2006

| post with no direction

As many of you know, I'm in my holidays now. While the rest of the MMU students are very busy fighting the Finals war, whereas I on the other hand am too free.. and too bored. Yes, I'm bored. Especially at night, I am bored. I guess I could always go out with my buddies and lepak at the mamak stall till dawn but the past few days I'm.. uh, "busy".

i used to learn fan-dancing... not!

So yea, with a boring life comes less entertaining post - like this one. hehe~ Hope you guys will read this post as a new-gen method of feeling drousy and sleepy. Don't use drugs, read wontdieone.blogspot.com. Hahaha~ That sounds pathetic eh? Oh well, I guess I'll now have to talk about something. Hmmm~ What is interesting enough to talk about on my blog?

thanx to my sis and huiyin!!

Lets talk about... ermm... A nice traditional chinese fan!! WOW!!

... *pauses* Nah~ Lets talk about... my birthday present that Sandra and Huiyin gave me on my.. uh, birthday!! WOW!!

... *pauses* Nah~ It's a nice shirt but not a good topic..

Rider Maut 2002-200*

After much consideration (heh~), I think I'll write about my bike. Yea, my great buddy. I've been riding it since my high school days and together, we've been through a lot - A LOT. The second day I got it, I crashed it as I was going to my friend's house to fetch him on the way to tuition. hahaha~ So one can guess the destiny this bike holds for me.

that's my normal speed.. really~

Before the bike that you see me riding today, I used to ride an old Yamaha Super 88. It's a very old 100cc bike but, with a rider like me, I can pull it higher than that. Having the motorbike marked my 'rebellious' days. It's actually quite cliche' though, having a bike symbolizes freedom to a teen such as myself. With that bike, I've been through many accidents and pull of many stunts so much so as to earn the title I have today, WontdieonE. The bike became a legend of its own, The 88. The new bike that I'm riding today is The 88's successor and it too has been through a lot with me. But I guess all those are just war-stories that only bring back good memories to me.

when moving at high speed, this is how my rims look like

Here's some trivia about my bike and I that people may or may not know.
- I ride on an average speed of 100kmh
- The last time I checked, I had gone through 17 major accidents (not including those minor ones)
- I used to race across the streets of Melaka Raya after school hours when the traffic is thick
- My current bike's name is, The German Bike (long story)
- My bike's top speed is the stock 125kmh when riding solo
- I hate Mat Rempits and used to challenge them on a daily basis
- I have a personal grudge against scooters
- All my accidents happened when I'm riding in a relaxed mood below 70kmh and all the cars that hit me were driven by women.. WOMEN! *tsk tsk tsk*

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