Friday, November 30, 2007

| pork calls, beef balls and cue balls

girl on girl action - give 'em some room would ya?

With practice still underway, rough edges, plot-holes, and script being fine-tuned, aCt is pretty much going on well. XD!! Directors are getting more and more nervous by the day but, it was encouraging to see the people do better with live music from the Band. XD

spot the odd

Here are some facts that ya can chew on after reading the above paragraph, we're less than 20 days, 3 more weeks of practice which is the equivalent of less than 6 practices. Are we ready? XD
Go ahead, ya can start panicking now. FEEEEL OUR PAINNN!! XD

when watching elijah on lcd projected movies are fun

Was supposed to combine CG with Jou but alas she ditched me for sushi she did what was best for her CG and so did I. The best thing for any CG is definitely... some good ol' Bible study!! XD

But the next best thing has definitely gotta be foooood~

hui yin cameeeee!! XD XD

In another awesomely great news, Catalyst CG, for once, break the double-digit record for attendance with a whopping 10 peo-
ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD! *clap clap clap clap clap*

beef and pork

Since we had such a HUGE crowd, we HAD to split the TABLE and thus SIX people ate BEEF while the remaining for FOUR ate PORK. SIX plus FOUR equals TEN!! I must say though despite eating at Loi's Bak Kut Teh for as-long-as-I-can-remember, I didn't know they had pork too. Every time my family came here to grab Some Good Food®, we would eat beef. I gotta admit, their beef bak kut teh is way nicer than their pork. Huiyin! Ya dunno what ur missing gal! XD

gonna dig dig, down down, deep down in mah bowl

After sending KLyn back to do her other responsibilities and Huiyin who though was awesomely tired still came for mah CG, to rest, the remaining peeps headed down to shoot some balls - eight balls to be precise. Dun get technical with me, I've got wiki. XD

ana-chan using Mc Steamy

ain't he just shoooo kewwl~

Well, hope ya'll had fun. XD
Excessive use of XD is bad for any health.
Shall refrain from using it in future.
Nites peeps and God bless~ heh~

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