Monday, January 28, 2008

| cured klangitis - now semesteritis infects

Well, the holidays are over. Suxmyx has been trying to add to my ever growing rotten infectious disease called keyboard-to-head-kanser with it's new tag-line; "Welcome to Washington DC'ed like million times". Gotta hand it to their publicity board. Register now, regret later. heh~ What an annoyance eh?

the bright sun of the beautiful sunday

This Sunday service worship was bad. I shan't elaborate further for I've promised myself that I shall never be in that ever situation again..


The message was good though. Uncle Bro Fook Meng did a great dive into the Word and gave us a different perspective of some things about Jesus. Also, this Sunday Service has got to be the most interactive one ever. Even Fook Meng said so himself. hehe~ Wonder who's that auntie..

one of the twin wearing hot-pants

Had a (hopefully) fruitful Music Leaders meeting after a great dinner sponsored by our boss. Yea~ Rocking all the way from Ipoh, Land Of The Chiqs. Gonna implement some changes in the music thingy of CCC. With a combination of four services on Saturday and Sunday, it's gonna be either very interesting or very tiring for musicians and all those involved. Lets see what happens.

tiun's new hairstyle - nice

Went to Lionel's house to celebrate 3 special people's birthday, Amy, James and Boy. Fellowship was fun. Bunch of CF'ers came and got to watch 5 guys throwing themselves into the pool, soaking their wallets and causing their new, expensive hand phones to short-circuit. Smooth. Real smooth.


It's my sincerest desire to see all 3 of you to draw nearer to the Lord and serve Him faithfully as you progress in age and grow in wisdom. Especially you Boy, never forget the heart of worship - and you'll definitely grow in your skills and passion.

sweet facial boy.. heh~

It's been a looooong day. Good nite peeps~

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