Saturday, January 05, 2008

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'Mixed grill feelings' would best describe the finals for this trimester. For others who took just one subject, ONE subject, they have no pressure what so ever, while others who have to sit for three paper and myself, four in an awesomely short semester, one would either feel glad or sad but one thing remains the same, we would want it to just quickly come and go.

how it felt during exam week

arranged to look messy and important

The New Year for 2008 passed by just as quick in fact. Lucius A certain someone was supposed to do something but alas, he's just too nice and too shy of a guy. It's ok dude, ya have plenty of time. *winks*

thanx deb-dear

louis face camouflages with the shirt.. oh wow~

To make things worse, I had 4 papers to sit; 31st, 2nd (of the year 2008) and two papers on the 4th. To make things worse, my capo has worn out and I couldn't play Andy Mckee's Rylynn without the frets buzzing on the capo.

thanx Julian for the new capo~ muakzies.. from her ofcourse~

And to really make things even worser, I tore the skin under my nail of my left hand aka 'the guitar hand' due to.. accidentally guitar thingy. Thus, I was unable to play the guitar properly for 3 to 5 days!! So much for the new year.

it hurts like crap when touched

Fortunately, following mom's and many other people's advice, I gave my poor lil finger 3 days of rest and now, the night of my final paper, my freedom time, I can learn as of 4.03am, can play Tommy Emmanuel's Angelina to my hearts content. Gotta love that awesome guitarist. Enjoy.

Tommy Emmanuel

It's only less than an hour but my pinky's starting to grow blister from the excessive plucking. heh~

Blessed New Year 2008 and have a great holiday!
God bless and good nite peeps~

wontdieone~ out

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