Friday, January 18, 2008

| it's lupus and left-over klangitis

Some random-ies from Kelang, a place that sounds both as if it's ringing a bell and as racist. No, I'm not a racist. heh~

BGR - haven't use this term in awhile

in Vain's car

Jess is out of her operation. She's handling the post-surgery like the strong woman that she is. Hopefully after a few weeks of recuperation and physiotherapy she'll be back on foot. Watching a fellow CFer, a friend to suffer like this is heart aching. Keep her in prayer ya peeps?

Abby... uh, Jess!!

eating some mean pie

umur adik sebaya dengan dia

Gotta miss MMU sometimes eh? Look out for the new semester in CF.
It's gonna be fun.

Ooo.. lookie there

Holiday updates are slow as ever. heh~
Good nite peeps~

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