Wednesday, January 09, 2008

| the game plan

another reason to say it sux

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the MMUcf committee commenced our planning for the next semester and boy will it be another fun sem.

owh lookie there

After church service was over we walked down a little further to Chicken Delight, Ps Joanne prime choice for semi-fast-food fun and a great place to bring new people you've just got acquainted to. The plus point; it's cheaper than your regular fast-food restaurant. The minus point; it's only like RM2 cheaper than your regular fast-food and the portion is so little, it's sad.

just doing 'the walk'

We ran through postmortem of the previous semester, talked about what we're gonna do next semester and planned the sessions for CF meetings. Discuss about several current issues, scary proposal for crazy future plans, and aside from that, T. Emmanuel's Angelina and A. Mckee's Drifting could be heard often, veggies talking through the TV and lots of laughter. Oh yea, chocolates were nice too.

seeking direction

digging deep

the prez

dinner flown 'roti terbang'

lovely sisters

deb-dear doing some freaky things

We completed all our planning and discussion at around 4am midnight. The next day, we celebrated the twins' birthday. Consider it a pre-birthday celebration thingy. As much as we truly love to do some cake smashing we couldn't for two good reasons;
1. Secret Recipe's cake are too expensive to do cake smashing.
2. Pastor would kill us if we dirtied her precious carpet.

So here ya go dudes.


One of the first amongst us who reached 22 years old. Way to go dudes, you guys are old - real old. hehe~ Here's my birthday present to you.








guess which is the real Lucius/Louis

I'm glad both of you like it. hahahah~
Good nite peeps~

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shulin286 said...

Oh my god!!! I am confused now...
-_-" Hehe... It's a nice picture. =P Haha.

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