Thursday, January 31, 2008

| for this semester

I have no classes on Monday and Tuesday. Beat that peeps~! Hahahaha~ So much win in such a small post.

some good ol school starbucks deco

not so old school drink

There are two school of thoughts towards this new semester. On one hand you have the 'im so loving the new semesters' group and on the other you have the 'is there more to this life?'. Judging from the status' of the people on YM, I'm guess they're more of the latter. But seriously, is there really more to it than this rat-race? Come to CF and find out.

we: happy burfday pastor!!
pastor: don't laugh at my age ya~

First CF of the trimester was good. Pastor Tan came and gave a nice message about us being either Faithful/Faithfool Servant. Catchy eh? It was Hui Lee's first few times worship leading too and she was nervous but she did well in the end. Always room for improvements though. :)

they're so innocently cute eh?

Had a music team leader meeting on Sunday, two meetings on Monday, CF on Tuesday and aCt post-mortem earlier this(wednesday) evening. Not bad for the start of the semester. Went home and ate my lamb chop.

its nice

Show me something interesting would ya?
For I would really love to take of this mask.
Good nite peeps~

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