Tuesday, April 01, 2008

| dancing are we generation the?

You know in life, we all make mistakes; it's natural, it's a human thing. Both unavoidable and constant. Here I am and I say now that I've made a mistake. I should've known better.. I should've remembered..


If you thought that the dude in the picture is someone else other than Lucius, then yeah, I know how you feel. It looks more like a cross between either Fook Meng or Sully..

Lesson: Lucius = Fook Meng + Sully?

And more entertainment for you DD!

Till now, I still can't find out who the artist is and stuff but man this korean guy's funny. hehe~

Nite peeps!

p.s. dance people! dance!

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shulin286 said...

Haha... Yaya. It's an entertaining post. With the funny picture and comics. Huhu. It reminds me of my secondary school time when I used to read comics books. Hehe...
How I wish I am not this "old" now. Hehe. =P

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