Thursday, May 22, 2008

| images that blew your mind

Having little inspiration during this exam period but enough of a free time to post, I shall now attempt recap those photoshop gems that blew your minds (and on some occasion gave ya'll sleepless nights too) and those that didn't. All pictures are relatively PG friendly.


Good luck.

mark choo is the cable guy

forrest gump

im no superman

re-live the memory of joash's first experience

am i tree?

still considered PG friendly


ideal indeed

goodbye earth

super sepet i

super sepet ii

super sepet iii

yo zx whatca doin ma- oh.. *awkward silence* sorry to bother ya~

vain's milk

louis be king

and you wonder why they're so cool

harry potter does nude (still PG friendly)

first invasion of the lulus

... omg...

lick me her

he be neo

if im you're doctor, you'll be fine

second invasion of the lulus

stayin alive

still stayin alive

mona elysia

And for the most disturbing one of all (look away if you just ate)~~~~~~


. .

. . .

. .


wayne+justin fusion went wrong!!

Good nite peeps~ Last paper on Saturday. Pray for me.

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mystic said...

Lol. So free ah you?

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