Tuesday, May 20, 2008

| studying the creed

Despite knowing full-well that I really need to study for this coming Saturday's databse-related paper; after a quick trip to the local super market's game shop, fork out RM10 for one single DVD game and the rest.. is history.

I got myself a spanking game which offers loads of fun and coolness to my ever so boring life during study week. It's called..

The Assassin's Creed:
 * Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
 * Hide in plain sight.
 * Do not compromise the brotherhood.

the leap of faith

Overall so far, pretty good game play.
Ya just gotta love how fluid and natural Altair's movements are, running, scaling buildings, jumping off roof-tops, assassinating his targets; it feels like you're watching a movie or something close to it. Game requirements aren't high too. I'm playing it very much beautiful and fine with my XFX 7900GS.


I totally recommend this game to all ya'll PC gamers out there. Yes Vain, especially you. heh~

Me really gotta start focusing on me studies. Nite ya'll~

p.s. suxmyx reaaaaallly testing my patience the past few nights

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