Thursday, May 15, 2008

| pork, meet cheese- cheese meet..

Everyone's been busy studying throughout this exam week and since I haven't updated in awhile, I decided to throw in a few lines of good ol' wontdieone goodness - a goodness for all age and sizes.

Recently, my diet seems to consist of the ever-crucial element known to mankind as pork be it grilled, roasted, stirred fry with saute'd garlic or the epitome of greatness: cheese.

*cue heavenly music*

Dad bought bacon from the supermart and decided to make for myself a variation of the Catalyst CG's last makan at my place bacon and cheese. Rawr~

white gold

melt'em cheese!! melt'em cheese!!!

Seeing how any nutritionist would flip and get the judge to sentence me to life in prison for eating just purely bacon and cheese, I cracked an egg and fry it with the bacon oil. It be goooood. Burnt the bread with the remaining oil and spread some more butter over it. Thinking of it just makes me... hawt~


That night itself, bro got home from work with SSSS around 7.20pm to pick me up for dinner. We headed to Ho G and had... yeap, you guessed it!

The 2008 Best Char Siew Fan Award Winner

Taking a good look of my diet today, I can say with confidence that I've minus off a few hours of my life already.. but man, ain't it all worth it? heh~

*love ya, dad!*

Back to books! Outz~

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