Wednesday, May 07, 2008

| good bye hugs and kisses

ironman... its EVERYWHERE!

The lastest CF for the 07/08 Trimester. It's my first CF after.. oh I dunno, 4? 5? month's of disappearance due to circumstances, life, and stuffs. This week's CF, we sent away those who are graduating, thus leaving us as a CF entirely and those Alphas who are gonna go up to Cyber campus to further their studies, we bid both of them adieu.

shaddup larr joash~

The Alphas put up a sketch about the soon-to-grads whom are leaving and it was funneh~ Then the soon-to-grads gave their farewell speeches and stuffs. It was a tearful moment for many of us... tearful... So when are we gonna pop the champagne guys?

I kid~

Being a CF.. being part of the body of Christ, we prayed for those leaving us and hope to see them in the future; makans, weddings, ah long pay-backs, etc~

pop - power of prayer

Here are some of the beautiful, tear-jerking pictures that inspired us all.

warm hugs

soft kisses

j.leong with hot chick 1

j.leong with hot chick 2

j.leong with hot chick 3

J.Leong sure lurvs his chicks and cheeks and cracks and drains..


Though I know that we'll all definitely meet again, some day, we still miss ya guys nonetheless. God bless~

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