Monday, May 05, 2008

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First off, more pics from the last makan-ing of the Catalyst CG.

mash 'em potatoes! mash 'em nauuu!

the plate of kindness

After missing church last week due to my immobility, I was finally able to make my way within the church sanctuary and into my beloved Esther's arms. Church was great, with a great challenge for mission work. But what comes next was even more exciting for me and it's something I've been looking forward to for quite some time; I'm going home to a place where I feel belonged - Asahan, to see grandma.

pork fat! pork fat! pork fat!

the strong 87 year old woman

We brought the camcorder along too and showed ah ma our Cambodia trip videos. She was happy for us. Not long after, we had to rush back to Malacca as the CF committee was to meet up at EP at 5pm. From there we convoyed down to the ikan bakar, slightly further down from Ujong Pasir.

super long table

bamboo snails - delish'!

burnt fish - awesome!

staring into the setting sun

Pastor took us here as a thanks for all our hard work for the whole trimester. For all the trials we faced, the sacrifices we made, and all the sweat and blood we poured out together; we truly did it all for the Glory of God.

now for another new trimester.. a new era~

This coming Wednesday we shall hand-over our work to the next batch of committee whom shall rise to the challenge and answer the call of servitude. hehe~ Should be interesting to watch and observe, don'tcha think so?

p.s. maybe it's not so sad being the oldest after all....
WHO AM I KIDDING??? hurrr~


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