Friday, June 16, 2006

| the 1 week long post

Note: This post was written over a time period of a week. I wrote half of it earlier but didn't wanted to post it up without any pictures. So a week later, after doing some photoshop back at home and storing it in my flash drive, this is the small, accumulated post that after reading it myself, makes no sense.

I've found the cure to growing older. Oh wait.. there is no cure~

I've survive the first week of my Industrial Training and I must say, it ain't as bad as I thought it would be. It's more like half-bad. Yea~ That's what it is; half-bad. On second thought it's not even half-bad. It's more like the Mini-me of bad. The fried onions on top of the wan-tan mee of bad. The Diet Coke of bad. Somewhere along those lines.

office on the left, production-line on the right

At first I was worried about my department, after all, as experienced as I am, I'm still a noob when it comes to working my line of work. Zero-clue as to what I was gonna have to do and the "Logic Department" thing didn't help much either. Fortunately, after being here for a week, I can see that there's nothing that you can't learn. I mean like, I've been flipping through 2 text books just to do some of the stuff my supervisor asked me to do.

over-view of the view

But aside from those work my supervisor throw at me (she calls it 'assignment'), I have absolutely nothing to do in this office/cubicle of mine. The only web sites that I can surf are like Google, Yahoo! Mail, manga sites and Friendster (which is boring me out already), the rest will be blocked out by the server. Heck, they'll even give you the reason why you're denied access. Great huh~? *sigh*

DELL~ can you diggit?

You were denied access because:

Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Illegal Software, Computer Games.

As you guys can see, I'm getting paid to do nothing here. Either that or my boss didn't expect me to finish up my projects that fast. *ahem* Having a lot of free time gives you plentiful of opportunity to think about things such as the famous, "What am I gonna do with my pay?" question. And since I AM so free, I went online to search for the best graphic card I could find that's within my budget.

new cubicle means new computer

Say hello to MSI nVidia NX6600GT-VTD12 AGP videocard. With 8 pipelines, it comes equipped with 128MB of Samsung GDDR3 BGA memory on a 128-bit memory bus. Clocked at 500 MHz in the core and 900 MHz in the memory. Sounds too little? It seems that this baby can be overclocked and run smoothly at 578 MHz / 1200 MHz, which is as high as a much more expensive card. Speaking of price, it only costs RM530 (in LowYat), which is well within my budget. Yayness~!


Unfortunately, the problem about me and spending money is that I give up buying the stuff that I want easily, normally due to excess thinking and a lot of counting. In the end I made up my mind and I gave up buying that spanking new graphic card. Why, you ask? The logic is really simple though:
1) The 6600GT is a powerful card (cost RM500), thus, it needs a lot of power. My current 300watts power supply just won't cut it, I'll need a new 500watts (450watts minimum) to run the whole cpu.

2) The new 400watts power supply would most probably be around RM400. To really, make the most out of that card is to overclock it and with over clocking would mean better cooling.

3) 3 major VGA cooling manufacturers are Thermalright, Arctic Cool, and Zalman. Thermalright's Ultra V-1 (RM200), Arctic Silencer v3 (RM150), Zalman Delta Fan (RM170).

yes, yes. i know. we made the xBox 360

So now if we would use a little brain power, we can calculate the estimated cost for the whole thing.

motivation quotes


*still calculating...*

*give me a break would ya?! calculating...*

my new cubic-mates

Got it already? Seen the figures? Remember that I only get RM350 for allowance per month. So with all those things in mind, my heart slipped off my hands and dropped to the floor (in slow motion) and with it, my quest to buy anything for myself. Forget the X (electric guitar). Forget the Digicam. Forget the Handphone. Forget the car. There's absolutely no way I can afford to buy anything that I want. So all I can do for now, is just save, save, save and save... for no reason.

with my sister in church

After 2 weeks of Industrial Training, I've come to the ultimate conclusion about Industrial Training:

last week's World Cup 06 kick-off

You can gladly test it if you want confirmation. Last Tuesday, I did absolutely NOTHING the WHOLE entire DAY!! And it was VERY seriously BORING! And I should start using less of the italic tag in my post. Anymore and it would be call ABUSING. But you know, it's not so bad too. Work around here is very... easy going. Despite how big the project assigned to you is, you can just somehow relax while doing it (unless the dead-line is at the end of the week). ahaks~

it can get very, very lonely at times

It's Friday and I'll be going to Seremban again for the weekend. Why? Because on Saturday, I'm going too... *drum roll~* MPO!! No, it has no connection with Mahkota Parade. MPO stands for Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and thus my motive of going there is to enjoy some world-class symphonies that I could easily make in any toilet session. Let your minds wonder kids. Mua-hahahaha~ I'll be back on Sunday aka Father's Day and will most probably post the next day, in my office again, just like today, or now, or whatever.

Chaoz peeps~

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