Monday, June 19, 2006

| scammers sucks - big time

Last Friday, just before I was going off for my short weekend holiday I stumbled across this site that is one real attention grabber.

Personally, I hate scams. You know, someone says to deliver something of [----] much quality and all you got was just []. A (very) good example would be *ahem* Suxmyx. Get the pic? So yea, this site was about a guy (laptopguy) who paid a significant ammount of cash to another guy (amir) only to get scammed by him. Unfortunately for Amir, his hard drive wasn't cleaned properly thus, enabling laptopguy to retrieve all of Amir's information which include lots of seriously weird pictures of Amir and his entire family info. For a clearer description of what happened, check out his site or

In other news, I just realize that my archives are all missing!! What the hell? Where are my old post mann?! I can't even link that Suxmyx word to the first Suxmyx post! I bet 'they' were behind this. This sucks... so does Suxmyx.

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