Sunday, June 04, 2006

| im back from where ever i was 0.o

Lets talk about some of the stuffs I did before leaving for my 5 days holiday. Actually, there isn't much to talk about. Sitting at home in front of the com surfin and stuff. Either that or out with my ex-high school friends doing weird experiments and venturing back into the fields of biology and anatomy.

not quite what you were thinking huh?

Anyway, I went to Genting Highland. You know, the over-rated holiday location on some highland area called, well, Genting. Originally a casino/hotel thingy, gambling made it flourish into an international tourist attraction for Malaysians. Does that make sense?

misc painting in misc room

Anneeeweii, Genting Highland is seriously getting quite the bore. I mean, come on, I bet all of us have ride all the rides and pranked all the visitors there before. So what is left to do? Nothing much, trust me.

Genting Hotel is no different than First World, really

Oh yea, I went to some magic show with Egyptian settings. They announced before the show started that no flash photography was allowed. I abided to their rule and turn of my flash - I still got caught. Ceh~ Anyway the show was okay-okay only lahh~ Nothing really spectacular, been there, done that you know? Out of 10, I'll give it a score of, ermmm.. 3.141592654 x 2.

the white Siberian Tiger was cute though

I got myself a new hair cut while I was at Seremban 2's Jaya Jusco. Name of the place? X-CUT. Doesn't get any cornier than that huh? "Get your X-CUT, TODAY!"

the old

the new/younger/cuter

Seremban Parade was having some Thai Food Fair yesterday and I tell ya this, the response is overwhelming. It took me like 20 minutes to find a parking space, 10 minutes to follow the smell and 5 minutes to piss in the toilet. *information over-load* So yea, the food's good. Thai style Tom Yam and Prawn Crackers. A very very good combo I tell ya. Actually I lied, the Tom Yam was nothing special other than the soup is really really spicy. The we're selling other stuff like Thai Kerabu and Mango Rice but I guess for RM5 a meal, my budget was kinda steep. Bo Lui Laa~


But that was all done and gone. I'm back at home now playing my Battlefield 2, practicing piloting that Apache Longbow that owns the field. Now for the bigger challenge - tomorrow : The first day of my Industrial Training at Infineon Technologies. I bet I'll be the youngest dude there. If I looked young with my old haircut, I look even younger now.

wish me luck peeps~

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Are you in Xian or Suzhou?

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