Thursday, June 08, 2006

| it's raining men!

There's a hidden limit as to how bored a person can get. It's nearing the end of my 4th day and I'm feeling bored as ever. Here I am, sitting in front of my computer, as I stare at a dump of random data that yeild little meaning to me. As I recall, the codes on the left, starting from 0301 to 9996 are process codes, so instead of going Mounting Process, they call it process 2000. According to my supervisor, it's easier for the supervisors to tell their technicians what process to take.

So yea, the dump of data that staring right back at me in Excel format. Feel like punching it in the face.. or screen. I think I'll just delete its content one cell at a time. The ultimate torture! Muaahahahha~!! Evil I am. I'll start from the last row which is... umm.. Row 74. Mann, it's gonna take some time. Bah~ It's not so bad. After all, I've got like what? An hour till I'm done?

But come to think of it, an hour is still a long time. I'm thinking to myself, "Would I do something as futile as that and let ONE HOUR fly by? Even if I do, how would I know if by the time I'm done torturing the Excel file, I've taken up an hour? What if I'm done deleting and it's only like 20 minutes?? NOOOoooooooooooooo~

what am I gonna do?!

what am I gonna do?!!

what am I gonna do?!

what am I gonna do?

what am I gonna do?!!

what am I gonna do?!

I do it for youuuu~

Anyone who's as old as I am knows that Genting is not as cold as it used to be. I rememer those holiday trips to Genting as a young boy, filled with excitement and adventure. we would breathe out heavily and try to catch the myst that forms from our warm breaths. Alas, those days are gone and so is the chillness of Genting. But it seems I've found myself a new winner. My office.

My office is like a freakin' freezer.. in ANOTHER freezer in Santa's house. All thanks to the production line opposite us that require the cold air to prevent the chips from spoiling. Okay, so I'm a little over-descriptive, but it is quite cold here. The rain didn't help much either. Anyone can tell that it's raining out there when the whole office becomes a freezer in another freezer in Santa's house up in North Pole, just beside 7 Eleven.

I'm beginning to think that the cold air is starting to affect my brain. Later dudes~

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