Tuesday, June 27, 2006

| lonely cubicle 7

Crazy. Tired and slightly crazed, last night I slept kinda late.. Stoner in the morning, GerX was scolding. Haha~

I wanna go back to campus, and sleep in every lecture hall. I wanna break free from my shell, and start doing things for myself.

I'm getting tired of everything, so tired of the repetition. I'm the played-out winner, with a choking consolation.

But I'm stuck in this mess, caught up with everything unable to rest. Lost all my wants and desire, I end up giving others my best.

How I envy this world I'm in, filled with blissful ignorance. But the God I know and love, has for me a little providence.

He tells me that I'm a blessing to others, though my hurts have worn me dry. Unable to have what I want, He says it's a blessing in disguise.

Help me let go of these feelings, that hold me down to my doom. Let me understand Your truth, that I may advert my eyes back to You.

Surat Khabar Lama! Old Newspaper It sounds so noisy~

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