Tuesday, June 06, 2006

| Infineon Day 2

I'm working. Yeap, you betcha. Actually I started on Monday but seeing how I don't have any internet connection back at home, (*sigh*) I couldn't share any of my wonderful experiences with you guys. But fear not as I'm typing this in my cubicle, waiting to post this at home and filled it with pictures for your view pleasure. Sounds kinda wrong there huh?

yea right~

So yea, I started on Monday. Went to Infineon's HR Department at 8am sharp only to find myself waiting there for an hour before anyone came to greet the bunch of us waiting here, trainees and new staffs alike. And here we all thought, "Wonderful, someone's here to help us get start with life in Infineon!", *TAAAT!* Wrong answer~

you better believe it, our own cutleries and plastic cup

We didn't have much of an introduction as they felt that trainees aren't permenant staffs here. Fine by me. We're all given a few items that would even challenge the minds of the likes of Dan Brown and made us feel like kindergarten kids once again. Alas by 12pm we were brought to our respective departments. 2 of my coursemates were sent to an IT department but wait, why the hell am I in Advance Logics Department? Sesat to the max I tell ya.

ermm.. shouldn't i be in IT department?

my 1st cubicle with pizza boxes stacked up

upgraded to a better, more advance, freedom of space cubicle

i have a sever pc for a computer

But things aren't so bad after all, I quickly got to know another Industrial Trainee who's been here for 7 months (weird, I know) and my boss Ms Teo. My first task? Fix an Excel document who's VBA source code has gone hay-wire after they upgraded from Excel 2000 to Excel 2003. Sure, no problem... *ahem* What's VBA? Ohhhh, Visual Basic for Application. Visual Basic? I know a few things about that programming language. Macros? What are those? Ohhhh, it is this. Lalala~ My boss was kind enough to lend me her VBA & Macros for Ms Excel textbook. After staring at the screen the whole Monday. I finally manage to fix it the next day. Sweet~

"slowly do okay? take your time and read it" - great..


Unfortunately for me, I really really.. really suck at remembering people's name. I've been introduced to a few people by another person who's name I've ALSO forgotten. *sigh* Memory, oh memories, why have thou failed me? I feel even worse when she gave me some mini-fruit tarts to eat. Awww~

my id at the end of the day

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