Wednesday, May 09, 2007

| buh-bye cf 06-07, hello exams

With yesterday being the last CF for this trimester, another year has passed, another generation has stepped down and left, and a new generation as risen and received the call. But yet..

..crap.. i haven't started studying for exams >.<

Today was a rather interesting day for me. Heck, everyday's an interesting day for me. heh~ But seriously, yea, it's an interesting day alright. I thought I would find something fascinating other than checking them /b/tards at 4chan, and indeed I found it. It's a simple thing, as with breathing air and walking pass campus, it's something normal and simple but yet, as simple as it is, it fascinates me.

there's always a silver lining for someone's head.. i think

I should've been a researcher or a bird watcher or photographer, because watching, observing life and its surroundings really puts them smile on my face. To listen to the conversations, to watch every emotion, to ponder the heart.. yea, it's the few fun things I do to keep me occupied.

all cf presidents, except for justin, shall grow sideways

I wonder how we'll do this time around. The many minor and major issues that requires attention, the many exciting plans and the wonderful people that are part of it, will we be able to be different? To break that limit and reach out our hands towards the sky. To not leave anyone behind and to truly be a family that'll be more unique than before. We're living in interesting times indeed.

newly elected prayer coordinator richard pastor

As the beloved old leaves in the path of their future, towards their individual destinies and chapters that God has prepared, we bid them farewell and Godspeed. They'll need it. The rat-race of the world is waiting to consume all who go unprepared after all. Man, I'll really miss you guys.

semi-nude CF prez for 07-08

Remember to pray hard and earnestly, for the exams and for the coming future... oh yea, not forgetting my future-CG-members, good luck to you guys too. heh~

Nite peepz~

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