Wednesday, May 23, 2007

| motivate over 9000!

Yes. Finally, my finals can be safely considered almost over. I don't count Theater paper on Saturday as an exam but rather... uh, a thing.


vista infected laptop + hazelnut latte = good stuff

So while surfin' the net on my dad's laptop in Starbucks, I thought to myself, "Hey~ Since I'm like, so free now, why not find ways to motivate people who are still studying like hell?!". What a dang good idea. After all, Andrew Liu is one heckuva good motivator.. to a certain extent.. narrowed by certain aspects.. which aren't all positive.. somehow.

So here are some of them, only 30 percent is original though.

Exam season is not a time to play around, so do be careful of sharks

stock up on McD's in case you're hungry

layoff the beer - seriously

plan your study wisely

Harry Potter is... oh, man..

Counter-Strike can wait

Starcraft 2 won't be out so soon

prepare yourself for a good time in IF Camp

And finally, to all my friends out there..

good luck dudes

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