Tuesday, May 01, 2007

| BQP - Bad Quality Pics

Thank God for the magical Photoshop CS3 Extended ... piracy r0x0r~

Just to show how bad a 0.6 Megapix, here a before and after photoshop of a picture from my trusty rusty Nokia 3650.



Outrageous isn't it? Don't stare at it too long or your vision will be permanently damaged and all you'll ever see is a picture of me - and that's a good thing.

a glimpse to the future..

It's going to be 4am soon and I'm like, still stoning in front of my com, figuring out what to do. Fable's entertaining to a certain extent but it's starting to bore me out too. Gloria's so lonesome even when I'm playing with her. Oh yea, I spent almost the whole day at home, except for lunch when I went to JJ. Cleaned the house too. I'm a good boy. Yea. A good husband too.. and stuff.

..has a price not worth paying

During lunch at Windmill, JJ.

Me: I cut my nails so can't play Rylynn that nice anymore. *sad*
She: I like long nails. If I cut, can't dig nose already.

*** Different Topic ***

Plan: To buy Nokia N73ME (like the one Julian has.. *sad*)
When: 3 - 4 month's time.
What: N73 = No new electric guitar.
Why: Can't stand bad quality pics.
So: Gonna buy N73 and throw the 3650 at some cat.
I: Cry.

Here's some inspirational posters for ya.
A new wave is coming.
Be inspired peeps.

Nite peeps~
p.s. Starbuck's Ice Lemon Tea is teh 1337!

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