Friday, May 25, 2007

| two days to (total) freedom!!

Truth be told, I still have a final paper this coming Saturday.


Despite me acting as if everything as already ended, I'm still technically tied down to that one last paper.

It's Theater.

So who's watching Pirates Of The Caribbean tomorrow?! heh~

Been watching lots of Astro lately. Episodes of CSI: Miami, House, Maximum Exposure, and, sadly, E!. Though I personally do not really like to watch stuff about celebrities etc, but there's only one program on E! that captured my attention. It's called Top 100 Shocking Moments in Entertainment, which, like the name states shows shocking moments in the entertainment industry. Guess how many times Michael Jackson appeared? heh~

what are children reading these days?!!

Had a fruitful meeting today, or yesterday to be precise, blame time dilation. Remember kids, reading wontdieone.blogspot is both entertaining AND educating.

Don't be a fool, stay in school.

So what was I talking about again?

in my future CG, we shall definitely dine at Longkang!!

Law, Engine and Business students still have a hurdle to jump over. But it's kinda late to give any 'good' advice on studying, thus, I shall speak a word. Just one word. Even as you all face enormous pressure from that killer paper, remember;

yea, just focus


Maybe that wasn't really funny. Heck, some of you might not even catch it so lets play a game; it's called Where's Louis!. Click the picture below to play!

good luck

Nite peepz.

p.s. hates my gutz.. T.T

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