Monday, May 07, 2007

| dorrrifttooo~

To applaud or to break down and cry.

That's the question.

Things are gonna progress rather slowly for the next few weeks. Even for wontdieone.blogspot, exams are still the sore in my butt so updates won't be that frequent (not that anybody reads this crap anyway), soooo..


In other news, which is not that new anymore, I've managed to learn Andy Mckee's song called, Drifting and to my surprise, it's not as like, really giler hard as I thought it would be, or should be, for that matter. Mua encourages all guitarist out there to give it a shot for ya never know how hard till you get punch in the face. Words of wisdom. Yea.

Anyways, me somehow managed to learn the whole song within a few hours and for that price, I paid it with blisters on my right hand's fingers. Drifting's a song that utilizes both hands a lot, especially tapping with the right hand. My right hand is not conditioned to play such vigorous style therefore - blister. Two blisters on my index finger and a hidden one in my middle. The sucky part is that while waiting for my, 'injuries' to heal, I can't play that uber cool song. *sad*


Study hard for ya finals guys!!

Give it one last push and see if its a boy or a girl kay?


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