Saturday, May 12, 2007

| this semester scares me

Because I'm over procrastinating and have zero mood to study. What's worse is that during my time spent procrastinating and having no mood to study, I came up with this.

soly saw smith

This is evidence that Soly's from the Matrix! WIN!!

Okay, I know the Matrix has run out of fashion and popularity but hey, I'm a Mr. Smith fan. Doesn't really help my situation too either. Somebody please inject me with any left-overs of 'hardworking', please~ *stares at su be*

now everything seems to fall into place eh?

Crap. Finals are 3 days away and I still have time to procrastinate and photoshop. I blame /b/. Sick people. Their motivational posters are the only clean part of the board. Actually, it's not that clean either but at least it's funny. heh~

Haven't been eating my lunch for the past few days. It's either I woke up too late or.. well, lazy to cook anything (*read procrastination*). But I do eat my dinner with my parents but still.. it ain't enough for a uni student who frequents the mamak stall for a quick bite. Even now, I..

for food!

Heh~ Gotta love 300 memes. Nite peeps~

p.s. remember to PRAY HARDAARRR!!

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